Money Blues is a personal finance manager for people that don´t like to spend hours filling in spreadsheets and hoping their budget is accurate. Money Blues takes your bank statements and convert them in to easy to read reports and helps you understand your spending so that you can focus more on the important things of life.

Accounts and Statements

You can have multiple accounts in Money Blues ranging from Current Account, Saving Accounts, House Loans and even your wallet can be captured. Each of these accounts allows you to import statements from your bank using the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) formats that most banks support or manually capturing the transactions.
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Each transaction is categorised into a main and subcategory. The transaction is also linked to a transaction type (Income, Expense, Transfer and Deposit). These categories can be changed and amended whenever you want. When you import statements Money Blues will assign these imported transactions to categories using rules you have defined.
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Never again will creating a budget be a complicated task, Money Blues uses your actual spending to create a template budget for you and you just adjust the values as you need and Money Blues will keeps your budget updated as you capture or import transactions. Once you have perfected your budget you can just copy it across the next month to reuse it again.
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Money Blues has 4 simple reports that tell you everything about your income and expenses. The first report is "Income vs. Expenses" this report will show you how your income and expenses measure up to each other. The second report is "Spending by Category" this report shows you where your expense is going and it also allows you to click on a category and see the subcategories below it . The third report is called the "Trends" report this report plots your income and expenses over the last year so that you can easily see how you compare to previous months. The last report is called "This month and last month" and it compares this month spending and income with previous months spending and income.
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Financial Calculators

There are 2 calculators in Money Blues the first one calculates loan repayments and second calculator calculates interest on investments.
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Money Blues is free to use for any purpose. Download it now